Form W-9 2018

W9 - Trust the Employer but Stay True to Yourself

Form W-9 is a simple yet important document in which you provide your personal and business details. All this information is used by an individual, a business or a company you work with. Using this form will allow your employer or business partner to prepare tax documents and send them to the IRS. In most cases, you are required to complete W-9 if you work as an independent contractor and provide services to some company or business as a freelance employee.

W-9 can be easily completed online using a fillable sample and doesn’t require any special qualification. You can always follow the instructions if you find it difficult to fill in certain fields. In case you have troubles knowing your TIN number, just use your Social Security Number (when submitting as an individual) or Employer Identification Number (when submitting the form on behalf of your company).

How to Avoid Backup Withholding

Let’s figure out what backup withholding is. Knowing this might help you to get your income in full without paying any extra taxes or penalties. In fact, all you need to do in order to avoid your payments to be withheld, is to provide a correct TIN. As it was already mentioned above, it can be either your SSN or EIN. Not all sorts of incomes can be qualified for a backup withholding. Such payments include the following:

  • Interest payments and dividends;
  • Barter exchange transactions;
  • Rents and broker proceeds;
  • Royalties;
  • Commissions;
  • Other Non-employee compensations and payments;

In case your payments don’t fall under any of these categories you don’t have to be worried about backup withholding at all.

Complete Blank Form W-9 Online

Completing blank W-9 is simple and doesn’t take much time. From now on, you are able to open the fillable 2018 W-9 form in PDF format directly in your web browser and effortlessly fill in all the necessary fields. You can access it from any Internet-connected PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

Click the document preview or the ‘Start Now’ button. Carefully go through the instructions and input your data. Be aware of grammatical mistakes and typos, especially when typing numbers. There’s a possibility to print your form instantly and get a paper copy or save it as a PDF file to your hard drive. You can also share your W-9 with your business partners in seconds. Each document you create is one hundred percent legally binding and acceptable by every financial institution in the U.S.