Form W-9 2018

LLC and W9 not to Be Confused to Fill out

The W9 form can be completed by various people, but if you are an LCC businessman, you may face some difficulties. That is why some people are not sure in what case to fill this template and how to do it in a correct way. Since the very beginning of the form, we see a lot of criteria and it is not so easy to define which one to choose. Let us do it together.

To complete the sample in a quick way you need to define the type of ownership in your company. If you are the only one representative, then fill in the template as a sole proprietor. If the company has several owners, then you will be considered a corporation for taxation.

Additionally, you may submit the 8832 from before 2018 W9 and select to be classified as limited liability company with the status of the corporation for taxes.

What steps should I make to fill in tax form W-9?

To complete the W9 for LLC you need to know some tricks:

  1. At the beginning of the sample, you will have to put your full name (as the owner’s name in the first line). The next line will contain the business name. The name of your organization may be the same as the name of the person or different one.
  2. The second thing to indicate is the social security number or Employer Identification Number. Note that if you are the owner of the company then it is better to indicate Federal Tax Identification Number.
  3. The next thing is the type of LLC for taxes. The LLC may have several owners but registered as a partnership (not to pay high taxes). Choose the option “Individual or single-member LLC” if you are the only member. If your organization is treated like a partnership, put letter “P” in the right-side box. If you have decided to pay taxes like the corporation, then select C or S type.
  4. The last part will include additional information about your LLC. This line is included in the form because limited liability companies are often not limited by such strict rules as others, thus they may be different. Because of that, it is better to enumerate them for each company.
  5. Do not forget to fill out the Exemption block, where is required to provide special codes. If you are a sole proprietor, there is no need to fill in this section, as there will be no federal tax required. Give the exempt code if your business is treated like the corporation.
  6. Finally, type in your contact information (one address or together with Requester’s name and contacts). Next, read the certification part and put the date. Sign the sample, in order to confirm all the information given above.

Once you have filled in the form, you can print it, or choose “Send via USPS” option.